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Welcome to Crietor Group: Pioneering Purpose-Driven Investments for a Better Tomorrow. Crietor Group is not just an ordinary holding company; it is a visionary institution meticulously designed to transcend traditional profit-centric approaches. Our core belief is that true success lies not only in financial gains but in the profound and positive impact we can make on society.

We envision a world where the measure of success is no longer limited to mere financial prosperity. Instead, we imagine a future where success is intrinsically tied to the positive changes we can collectively bring about in our communities and the world at large.

As a trusted and influential holding company, Crietor Group serves as a beacon of integrity and innovation in the world of investments. We provide our valued investors with a diverse range of investment opportunities carefully curated to align with our core values and societal goals.

We extend an open invitation to you to be a part of this transformative voyage. Together, we will shape a future where financial success is harmoniously intertwined with social progress. Join us at Crietor Group, where we collaboratively craft a better tomorrow through purpose-driven investments and a shared commitment to a brighter future

Shaping a
Brighter Future

Greetings to esteemed visionaries who hold the power to shape a bright future. As creators of transformation, let us unite and pave the way for brilliance, elevating our own lives and uplifting the world around us. An extraordinary movement calls upon you, as we leave an enduring mark of definitive change on the world, leaving a legacy that will stand the rest of time.

Building Success Through Exceptional Relationships

Crietor Group stands out among other holding companies with our profound commitment to providing opportunities for building relationships. We firmly believe that connections play a vital role in personal and business growth. By nurturing these relationships and offering exclusive networking platforms, we inspire our investors to reach new heights of success. At Crietor Group, we deeply understand the power of strong relationships and the incredible possibilities they unlock.

Our Leadership



Our Chairman &Managing Director of Creitor Group, is a visionary business leader with over 14 years of treasured experience in with international jewellery group. Known for his exceptional grasp of business growth, he has successfully led diverse business verticals. His
ability to envision and drive strategic expansion has resulted in remarkable success stories

As a highly effective communicator and motivator, he skillfully binds the strengths of his team members to achieve organizational goals. His visionary approach has led to meaningfut achievements, including the remarkable growth of eminent jewellery group in multiple regions.

Moreover, he understands the transformative power of new era, and driving business scalability and visibility, internationally. His forward-thinking mindset and brilliant strategic insights make him a visionary leader in the industry.



Mr. Mohammed Shyjal, a progressive business man (KCK Dental Private LTD) in the field of Healthcare and Dental industry. They have more than 100 employees pan india. They also have their own brands and export to different countries and market presence in European, UAE and African countries as well. They are authorised distributors of all major companies.



A highly experienced Director with over 20 years of Senior Leadership in both Profit and Non-Profit organizations. Proven expertise in strategic planning and leadership roles at Thomas Cook India Ltd and Malaysia Airlines, resulting in significant business growth and profitability. Committed to empowering global investors and building fruitful relationships worldwide.



With a distinguished history at Malabar Group, our CHRO & Executive director arrives with unparalleled experience & expertise. His perceptive of talent management elevates our capabilities, while his leadership sparks collaboration and innovation, nurturing a positive
work culture. His keen management acumen and industry acuity drive us towards excellence.



He plays a pivotal role in overseeing the efficient and successful operations of our chain of supermarkets. With a keen eye for detailing and a passion for excellence, Mr. Ajnas has been instrumental in leading our supermarket segment to new heights of success.



Our Head of Design & Research has an exceptional eye for creative finesse and her artistic vision infuses our collections with unique charm, resonating with our clientele. Her passion for craftsmanship shines through, making our brand stand out in the world of fashion and design. Her influence inspires our team and drives us to explore new horizons.

Key Mentors



An esteemed and inspiring promoter of our brand, brings extensive knowledge and experience from various business ventures. With his invaluable contributions and strategic thinking, he guides our brand towards unprecedented success, ensuring we remain at the forefront of innovation and growth.



An influential brand promoter and esteemed Director of Bhima Jewellers Karnataka, brings forth immense value to our brand. Her invaluable insights and contributions have been instrumental in propelling the success and growth of our brand.